September 25, 2022


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African Bees and the March Against Monsanto

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African Bees and the March Against Monsanto
Host: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

African BeesThis weeks show is a lot of fun! We continue on with Bees, and talk a bit about the March against Monsanto. May 24th 2014 is a day for all of the people to put aside politics, and come together around food. No matter what “party” if any you are affiliated to Monsanto is worth protesting. We need mass action to send a clear message not to the company, but the politicians that we will vote them out unless they start protecting our food supply. We spent last week and a good part of this weeks show devoted to Bees, Monsanto is hurting the bees and the bees are the food! Please consider joining us nationwide to March Against Monsanto!

African BeesDan Punch also finishes our two part podcast on Bees. Dan is a great guy, and he has lots of information to share! Dan is a beekeeper and a bee rescuer! Dan is from our area in Arizona and deals with removal of hives, in doing so he has also had dealings with the African Bees. Dan fills us in on dealing with these more defensive bees and also explains some of his thoughts on colony collapse, along with Monsanto and neonicotinoids, the chemicals used in pesticides.

So after last weeks talk about we wanted to follow-up with Dan who has done so much for our local area in regards to bees so fast. Dan also points us to the local beekeeper club. Most areas have a beekeeper association and this seems to be a great place to start any beekeeper adventure!
Books on Bees HERE!

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