5 Year Anniversary
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5 Year Anniversary of I Am LibertyIt’s been five years since I first raised the mic and began talking and prepping. I will never forget the moment I realized just how thin the line was between civility and chaos. It was like suddenly being transported to the icy plains of the Midwest in the dead of winter. I was surrounded by two big dogs, a beautiful wife and a newborn child but I felt so alone and it was terrible. In that moment, I knew it was time for one thing and one thing only. HARD WORK. I have pulled myself out of every tough situation in life but getting to work.

About a year went by and I realized I was sucking down prepper literature and media like it was the nectar of the gods. It was my goal to never be in the situation I was in just a year ago. I began stockpiling, backup energy, learning self-defense, expanding my garden, planting fruit trees and setting my sights on even bigger goals. Eventually, I found my way on to a great podcast network and started meeting incredible people.

This week we are going to celebrate but we aren’t just going to celebrate I AM Liberty. We are going to talk about all of the guests and great products and services who have been apart of the show. We are going to talk about some of the great listeners of the I AM Liberty Show. I am just he voice of the show. I am the captain of the boat but there are may sea faring men and women on this ship that help steer it towards Liberty each and every week.

We will listen to a very old clip from one of the first I AM Liberty shows and enjoy a little reminiscence. It is a very rare occurrence but we will spend some time celebrating the culmination of a man and his listening audience and all that it has done for the world of prepping and beyond.
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