December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Collapse Consultation

We Already Know What you Need to Survive What is HERE! 

We use a network of professionals to meet your needs.

Professionals in emergency response planning, first aid, government, military, herbal medicine, gunsmithing, tactics and training, security, bushcraft, food safety, community organizing, homesteading, fibers and everything in between

Build a Real Emergency Response Plan for Your Family or Business.

Create a written plan complete with emergency plans, drills and guides and annual goals

Build a Base of Essential Preparedness

Address the 6 categories of base level preparedness. We will discuss how to meet each need within your budgetary constraints.

Create an Effective Bugout Plan

There is a lot to the bugout. If you are truly going to bugout in an emergency, lets talk about it.

Go Deep and Build Out your Prepping Dreams

Have you tackled the basics? Lets go deep into next level tactics and investments.


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