August 9, 2022


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All About Solar Power!

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All About Solar Power
Host: Don & Nick “We Grow Ours”

Solar PowerThis week on wegrowours, we talk to Chris Frye from AEI (Alternative Energy Inc,) about solar. Chris knows his stuff! If you are considering putting solar onto your home as an alternative energy source, or maybe as part of you preparedness plan, Chris is your guy. Chris has owned Alternative Energy Inc. for the last 14 years and has built a successful business not only from residential solar but commercial as well. Working around the world and with many non-profits he cares about his customers and the industry. Last week’s roofing company may be today’s solar company! We learn what to look out for when picking a company to install your solar system, we also discuss financing options that come along with the solar industry and how people may sell you a plan that could prevent you from selling your own home. Chris also talks about a commonly overlooked way to save you thousands on your solar install.

Solar PowerNow for the preppers.. We also talk to Chris about some of the innovation in the industry and how they are helping people plan to go off grid. AEI is also working on building trailers and other preparedness items that will help us all out in emergency situations. Something like a solar power air to water machine could be the difference between life and death in a bad situation. Have you thought about a small system to run your refrigerator or maybe your aquaponics systems and well? What about a small A/C or evaporative cooler in a small room of your home? We discuss ways to reach some basic goals without spending $20,000 on a whole home solar setup.

We Grow Ours studio1 (1)Of course what is the WeGrowOurs show without a bit of politics tossed in? We respond to some feedback about our political views later in the show as well as some new things happening with the podcast! Hint.. Thanks We hope you can all take away some great information from this episode, be sure to send your questions and feedback to as well as follow us on twitter and Facebook at We could use a few more likes over on FB, so come by and comment! As always the show notes can be found at
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