December 2, 2022


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Reliability and Alternative Power!

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Reliability and Alternative Power
Jeff Yago On Disaster Communications In A Box, Energy
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Reliability and Alternative PowerJeff Yago, author of “Lights On: The Non-technical Guide to Battery Power When the Grid Goes Down” designs self-contained solar-powered buildings made from shipping containers, “Alternative Power”. These rugged metal freight containers allow fast and easy transport to remote communities or disaster relief areas. The exterior solar array is designed to be easily removed and stored inside the 20 foot long shipping container.

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Jeff is a licensed professional engineer, certified energy manager, solar power professional and a licensed electrician. His website is He has performed laboratory tests exploring the effects of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) on electronic devices.

His modular Disaster Relief Unit includes solar-powered high-speed satellite Internet system with wireless router, six laptop computers, fold-up computer desks for disaster relief communications, and a water purification plant. The water purification plant includes all valves, pumps, 1500 gallon storage tank, and filter and ultra-violet light reactor tube.

Although many of today’s high-performance communication devices and systems are stingy consumers of electrical energy, radio’s that transmit need much more power. A single HF transceiver can draw up to 25 amps of 120 volt power so any solar energy system needs to be robust.

According to Jeff…

According to Jeff, “Buying a solar power system is not like buying a power tool. Solar energy systems change with each hour of day or geographic location. It’s like selecting a high end component stereo system which requires separately purchasing the speakers, an amplifier and DVD player. Each component must be selected for your specific needs and budget or you will not be pleased with the results.

“EMP protection can be simple and inexpensive,” said Yago. He will cover a unique method for protecting sensitive electronic devices as well as other measures to survive the effects of Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun or man-made EMP attacks.

Jeff will discuss a wide range of topics from crank-dynamo receivers to electric grid reliability, EMP and industrial strength batteries.

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  1. It is a measure of reliability of the grid and customer service quality, meeting the increasing requirements of socio-economic development in friv localities

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