January 23, 2022


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Battery Power Preps

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Battery Power Preps
Highlander “Tech Preps

Power Preps ELEC_Military_Batteries_lgThe advent of battery power years ago let us take our devices portable, and the technology is getting better and better, and for a prepper batteries are essential. We have to find what works for us in our current preps, such as flash lights, there are many flash light options on the market, some expensive, some cheap, but the technology for lamination has taken leaps and bounds in the past 10 years or more with the advent of led bulbs.

Power Preps solar_iphone_chargerThere are various brands out there, I think we are all familiar with the Surefire brand, they are top notch when it comes to lights. However with this top notch quality comes a high end price, they are quite expensive, some over 200+. There are some very good ones that are from 50-150$ if you are on a budget I would recommend one of these. I will mention a few more other affordable brands out there that might fit the budget of a lot more people and get your best bang for the buck.

9-14-15 surefire_lightI will also talk about Solar chargers, these are a preppers best friend. They can have a myriad of uses for cell phones, batteries, lights, radios, water filters, etc…

I will mention a few and post a few links in the chat room during the live show to a few great deals on them.

I will also talk about night vision technology and how far it has come and a few cheap alternatives then to buying high end military grade units.

9-14-15 ULVII will talk about a very cool product I came across called the steri pen, it is a uv water filter that you can charge with usb, and a great addition to any preppers pack. I will also talk about a kindle, you might not think a kindle has any use in survival but I will show a few tips and good reasons to carry one with you, so please come to the chat and call in to the show! Enjoy!

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