August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Power, Living Without 
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian”
PowerLet’s face it, our power grid is unreliable.  In the face of disaster, it’s almost inevitably the first system of support we lose.  Even with relatively minor incidents such as snow storms or moderate wind, the electricity goes out, leaving us in the dark, with no refrigeration, heat, or working stove to cook on.  So how many of us have truly considered the impact of an extended power failure?  There are several options that can give us varying degrees of power for varying lengths of time, but how do you decide on what option to choose?

PowerThe answer isn’t that easy to come up with.  There are several variables that have to be considered such as the duration of the outage, the amount of power needed, investment in equipment, and even electrically independent options for various tasks.  One of the biggest considerations is safety, what with electricity being the potential killer that it is, and fossil fuels having the fire starting potential that could make a minor annoyance into a major personal disaster.

The amount of power that we need depends greatly on what we can expect to happen as well as for how long.  This week on The Prepared Canadian we’ll take a look at as many options as we can for different scenarios.  Are solar panels and batteries the way to go?  Perhaps a generator would be a better option, but then again, how big and running on what fuel.  How can we reduce our electrical needs during an outage that lasts days, months, or even years?  I’ll give you a few options to deal with heat, cooking, light, and refrigeration issues that can help you through the dark days of a powerless world.
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