September 25, 2022


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Properly storing fuel for the Apocalypse!

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Properly storing fuel for the Apocalypse!
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Properly storing fuel for the ApocalypseThis week we are going to be talking about some of the common techniques for storing fuel. This topic has been covered before, but it bears repeating since tornado is starting and hurricane season isn’t that far off. In this show, we are going to be talking about some of the common fuels to store and the industry practices to prolong the life of such. We are thinking in terms of potential energy, safety, cost, and resupply. Not all fuels are made the same and while you may be banking on storing gallons for diesel for your generator or hundreds of pounds of Propane for your grill.

Having a supply of fuel can be a force multiplier in emergency situations. When we think of fuel we usually think of gas for vehicles and propane for grills, but fuel can also refer to heating, cooking, and barter. With all the different types of fuel we have to think about all the different ways to store it and make it stable. Different fuels have different shelf lives and have different storage issues.

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We will be covering gasoline, diesel, kerosene, paraffin lamp oil, Propane, Butane, Coleman Fuel AKA white gas, cooking oil/vegetable oil, wood, and charcoal. We will walk through each one and why one might be a better choice for energy storage. We will also go through the mainstream chemicals used to preserve these fuels like PRI-D, PRI-G, STA-BIL, Lucas Oil, Seafoam, and about six other common blends. Plus we will be reviewing some of the differences between them. Did you know that Seafoam is comprised of 40-60% Pale Oil, 25-35% Naptha, 10-20% Isopropyl Alcohol? Did you know that STA-BIL is 95% Kerosene? We are going to cover what makes these fuel stabilizers work or not and which ones would be good to use in storage tanks for prepping.

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