June 30, 2022


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Staying warm with no power!

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Could you stay warm if the power were knocked out?
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Staying warm with no powerAlthough the Punxatawny Phil the groundhog predicts an early spring, it is as yet only February and a cold blast is on the way for much of the US.  Blizzard conditions predicted for the midwestern north and with blizzards sometimes comes the dreaded power outage!

Staying warm with no powerHow would you fare?  Do you have an alternative heat source for your home or work?  Many people rely on a fire place or wood stove for their supplemental heat but there are many other ways to heat your home.

2-10-16 kero-world-heatersSome of these, however, are dependent on a resource that seems everlasting but only when it is out… that would be the sun.  A wonderful and essentially underused form of unlimited energy and heat this resource is often under used and the ways it can be used unknown to many.  It does have one downfall…it needs to be visible in order for it to be useful.

2-10-16 solarbox_1453_resizedThis week I also want to think about other ways we can generate heat for ourselves in an emergency.  Some things can also help lower our monthly heating and cooling bills like geothermal.  Making sure we have the means to stay warm if the power goes out is paramount to survival.  Hypothermia is a deadly condition and should be taken seriously, heat, like water, shelter and food is one of the things on our most important for survival list.

There are many ways to be sure you can keep your family warm and hopefully comfortable as well.

Make sure to check out SurvivingDystopia.com for a full article and instructions for some of the alternative heating and cooling ideas found while lurking and researching, along with some great links.

Up next week: Book review… The “Wisdom and know how series” another excellent preparedness must have.
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