Portable Solar Generator
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Portable Solar GeneratorOn this episode of The Ray Becker Show we begin with economic news for the week and look at the Markets and other economic indicators.

We discuss in detail, Portable Solar Generators. We also cover the basics of electrical PIE. Think about the items in the home that will need electrical power in a grid down environment. We go over how to build a Wattage Inventory and I will cover the basic power consumption of ordinary electric items.

What are and how do the components effect power that make up a solar system; Solar Panel, Charge Controller, Rechargeable Batteries, Power Inverter and cables. Without getting too technical, I would like everyone to just know the basics. We cover battery types and the actual efficiency of solar panels. I will make the Charge Controller the important component and not to cut corners on it’s purchase.

The Inverter takes 12 volts DC and converts that power into house power or 120 volts AC. We’ll address 12 volt AGM batteries vs 6 volt golf cart batteries. Since there are many good videos available by others, we’ll use this time as an introduction to new Preppers and a refresher for those who already have been active.
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