August 10, 2022


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Winter Ready

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Winter Ready
Host: James and Mike “Survival Punk”

Winter Ready 1219121428aThis week the main topic is being winter ready. Winter is coming fast this year. James and Mike have some tips to be ready for it. How to keep your home warm. How to save some money this winter. The main places you will be are either in your home or car. Both have challenges to keeping warm. We cover all aspects of being winter ready.

In news we discuss 7 tips for new preppers. The fastest way to get a family of 4 prepped and why I disagree. We discuss ceramic flower pot heaters. Do they work? As always we have the permaculture minute and wild edible of the week.

 Winter ReadyIn a home you want the hot air to stay in and the cold air to stay out. That means sealing holes and insulating. Insulation is a timely subject for Mike and I. We recorded this episode right after working on insulation in my tiny house. Getting it right though is the difference between freezing and being warm.

Growing up we always sealed off the windows with plastic for the winter. If you don’t use a room then seal it off. Heating a room that is not used is a waste.
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