December 4, 2022


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Keeping Warm with Winter Preps!
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Keeping Warm with Winter Preps!BRRRRR! Getting cold out there! What are you doing to keep warm in the beginning months of winter? Well fall is almost over and winter is right upon us. In this episode I will be talking all about how to keep warm. What gadgets, devices, high tech, low tech and everything in between that I use to get me through those cold months ahead. There are a few things you can use to help you when you are at your home or out and about to keep warm. I have multiple ways to heat my home.

12-3-16-socksAs a prepper you should have multiple strategies to heat your home. I have talked with many and the only way they heat is with electric. This as you know can pose a huge threat in a very cold winter if your power goes out. The biggest issue I have seen is those preppers in urban areas or apartments that cannot have alternate heat sources. However there are other ways around this if your power goes out which we talk about.  We also go over the various ways I heat, cook and maintain a positive environment in my home and when I am out and about.

12-3-16-heaterI will talk about wood stoves, propane, oil, and electric and just might give you an idea of what you could incorporate into your home. As always I recommend a wood stove no matter what else you have, if you can have it of course, the issue is the epa will not allow many new homes to be built with wood stoves, which is a complete overreach. I have a few gadgets you might not have heard of as well to present that you might want to pick up for yourself or gifts for others.  So enjoy the show and as always questions are welcome!
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