December 2, 2022


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Family… Power Outage Preparedness!

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Family… Power Outage Preparedness!
Jordan “A Family Affair” Audio player provided!

Family... Power Outage PreparednessIn may of 2017 over 150,000 individuals in the Mid-South found themselves without power for over two weeks. In that same year 320,000 people and businesses in Boston and surrounding areas went with out power from the storm Sandy. What about the 1.2 million who went without power in Puerto Rico. Many of these people had no idea what to do. Their actions had serious outcomes on their families and loved ones. What do YOU do?

Listen to this broadcast or download “Family… Power Outage Preparedness” in player below!

What do YOU do? How would YOU handle this situation? As a parent our first thoughts are our children. We observe our situation and go into action. Are they afraid? Are we afraid? Now what?

Join us, come in the player above and help decide what the best plan of action is. You are the example they look up too.

We will be discussing power outage, and our children. What a short duration of time would require and what to do in those situations where the lights going back on will not be immediate. We will discuss ways of keeping them calm and how this can benefit us as well. Because even a simple storm can turn serious fast. Be ready for anything.

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