May 20, 2022


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Alternate Sources of Power in Grid Down!

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Alternate Sources of Power in Grid Down!
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Alternate Sources of Power in Grid DownIn this show, we are NOT discussing solar, wind, or hydro per se. Everyone talks about having solar power in grid down, but there are other sources of power that can be had. Now we are not going to be talking SHTF, but merely the power grid going down. Think snow storms, hurricanes, and temporary power outages that only last a few days or a week. Did you know that regular analog phones lines have a constant supply of DC power? Don’t believe me?

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Take a voltmeter and put on the red and green wires or tip and ring if you are a fellow ET or FT. You should read 48 volts DC. With the right circuitry you can step that down to 12 or even 6 volts which is more than enough to charge a cell phone and most any USB device. Don’t worry if you no longer have a landline and get your Internet from the cable company. In some circumstances you can get voltage off the coax cable. Depending on your cable company and certain parameters you can get some voltage off of the coax cable. Unhook your cable modem and check it out. You might be surprised.

Click on this pic. Visit Greenivative and use coupon code PBN15 save 15% Did you know there are chemical battery charges that use saltwater and even urine? These battery chargers use magnesium, saltwater, and nothing else. Don’t believe me? There is a link to Greenivative right here in the side bar of Save 15% with coupon code PBN15. You can charge 6 AA 1000 mAh batteries in about 3 or 4 hours. Did you know that in a rain storm static electricity can be harnessed? Any amateur radio operator that has a dipole up knows that during a storm the feed line will arc. It would take some circuitry, but you literally pull power out of thin air.

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