June 29, 2022


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Alcohol for gas!
Host Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

Alcohol ACBAGThis week on the We Grow Ours show, Nick and Don have David Blume on the show talking about Alcohol as a fuel! This is a really informative show has us thinking! Did you know you could run your car on Alcohol the way is now? You can even run 100% with a very small modification. David has been the guest on many national shows such as “Coast to Coast” and we are privileged to have him join our podcast! Check out his site http://www.blumedistillation.com/ for more information as well as http://www.alcoholcanbeagas.com/.
David Blume is the Executive Director of The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) and the founder Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer for Blume Distillation LLC.

11-10-14 green_gas_pumpDavid is the author of the Amazon.com best selling book Alcohol Can Be A Gas! and a globally renowned expert on Regenerative Agriculture and biofuel production.

For more than 25 years David has focused on designing and implementing sustainable energy solutions for rural and urban communities in the US and around the world. David is a recipient of the American Corn Growers Association “Truth in Agricultural Journalism” award. He has been a featured guest on NPR Science Friday and is a regular expert commentator on energy issues on ClearChannel, Premier and GCN radio networks.
Some other sites David spoke about during the podcast:
Check out David’s book here: Alcohol Can Be a Gas!: Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century
Here is a link we found to someone using David’s conversion kit on YouTube as well.
Visit We Grow Ours HERE!

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