November 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

A Burden So Great

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The repetitive harmony of Stardust’s major hit is rattling in my head from the speakers of my laptop.

It’s mixing with visions of my sons one day dancing amongst their peers

Feeling the music

Amid lights and steam and energy

Ignoring the threat of returning daylight and the “calamity of so long life”

Cast out into the world and trying to forge their own way

Will they look out into their world and see a great adventure as I did?

Will fear failure and adversity…as I did?

Will they dance with girls and wonder what a life with kids and a wife might be like?


I see the child’s burden

Its the burden of every generation

In every generation there are those who find success

Lovers find love

Warriors find war

Poets find prose

Misery finds company


Is the child’s burden so great?

Is ours a burden so great?

Nuclear war, inflation, natural disaster, intrusive technology, total surveilance

To start an epic argument

Ressurect the dead and, over dinner, determine the generation of greatest burden

Famine, radical infant mortality, slavery, depsotic rule, religious opression, constant war and attacks, no ability to defend yourself, scant resources, virtually zero income, arranged marriage, illiteracy, shit medicine and no solution for dental issues

Our ultimate burden is that we have the time, education, and comfrot to consider what the next generations burden might be. We self torture rather than find our self in some kings torture chamber.

Is the future BRIGHT?


The Future is YOU




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