November 26, 2022


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3 Things You Need for the Second Wave of the Pandemic

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Before the outbreak hit the world and supermarket shelves were emptied by panic buyers, preppers didn’t have the best reputation. Now that the tables have turned it seems like some people were right all along. This isn’t an “I told you so!” moment, but one in which we’ll try to help those not familiar with prepping.

Yes, you already have plenty of toilet paper probably, and while not everything most of us preppers have on hand is very important (it doesn’t seem likely that solar panels will be needed for the time being), there are still some things that are a piece of cake for professionals and you can learn something from us that is going to help you a lot!

Nitrile gloves

You are lucky if you can still find a pair somewhere but if you do, go for it! Nitrile is way stronger than the more common latex variety of gloves you are bound to find and the risk of having allergies to the compounds is much lower as well. You can use these gloves for basically anything around the house from cleaning the house to changing diapers.

During these moments, you can use them when you go to the store as it’s less likely germs and the virus are going to contaminate them thanks to the way they are made. Of course, when removing them you have to be very careful not to contaminate yourself or any area but we’re sure you will manage.

Emergency food

Some people who went panic buying bought just about anything they could find when they should have focused on food that is meant to last for a long period of time, so they wouldn’t have to go to the store in a couple of days again. A kit made from emergency food can feed an entire family for weeks and it can stay on the shelf for decades on end.

You can find such food in buckets that have a lid on. After face masks, food was the next thing to go and those who knew how to buy things were focused on this type of food. Sure, emergency food is created to resist for a long period of time (even more than 30 years) so it’s not as tasty as you’d want it but it doesn’t bear that name for no reason, after all.

If you go for some taste, you can always pick beans, rice, and condiments, plus cans of many things from corn to strawberries so you can sit this whole pandemic out if you have the monetary means.

A positive state of mind

Surprisingly, the thing that you need the most during a crisis is not something you can use money for: a positive state of mind. It’s easy to have a breakdown when you are locked inside which is why you need to work on your mind so that you can get over this whole thing in one piece.

It’s not shocking to find out that you have the best chances of getting over any bad situation if you manage to keep a positive state of mind. Of course, you will have moments of weakness just like you did before the pandemic, but if you have a negative outlook on the situation, you will be defeated even before you start trying to survive.

What you need to do is have a “party on” type of attitude if that makes sense. Did you run out of batteries? Party on! Don’t have bread? Carry on! Do you miss your friends? Video call them and move on! This is the mindset you should have in general, but even more so now while we are facing this global crisis.

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