December 4, 2022


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Top Prepper Picks for Prime Day

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What is up PBN Family!!? Prime Day is here and there are some gems out there that I wanted you all to be aware of. I have been doing a little shopping myself and found some incredible deals for the self reliant and independent minded. I am gonna be brief cuz I got a lot of work to do today and the I AM Liberty Show is live tonight at 9pm.

We have BACKUP POWER with great deals on Jackery products. GET A SMALL SOLAR GENERATOR WITH A PANEL FOR AROUND $300!

We have great picks from some of our listeners, lots of water preps.

Then I pulled some of my favorite picks on the list including some Bushnell Nighvision that is on DEEP discount if this is your flavor. Thanks so much for the support and PREP ON!



Get your backup power solutions!

Discounted to $175!!

These Solar Panels are discounted to $200! The ones above are even cheaper!!

Listener’s Picks

These great deals were recommended by our listeners!

Get your own Berkey for $160!!!

Commander’s Picks

Here are my 2 cents on the matter

Oh yea! There are affiliate links in here.

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