August 12, 2022


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Today’s problems “What do they mean to me?”

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Today’s problems “What do they mean to me?”
Host: Lisa & Dale Goodwin “Survivalist Preppers

problems Survivalist Prepping210This week I have Bennett on and we talk about all the stuff we see on the news and ask “What does it mean to me?” We all know there are problems all around us and if you watch too much of the news you can become obsessed with it. Knowing these problems exist and acting on them are two different things. As preppers we are keenly aware of everything around us that poses a threat and it’s our responsibility to protect our own future.

We also touched of the Ferguson situation because I think is is a microcosm of where this country is headed. This is just a personal opinion, but I think we are being led for one reason or another, and while this situation is very sad the media and the powers that be are responsible for how this is playing out…I can’t help but ask why? What is the real agenda?

We are not the overboard tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, we are just like you, everyday Americans that enjoy the freedoms that this country offers. But over the last 10 years it has become increasingly clear that something really bad is going to happen that changes our lives forever. Maybe it’s because as we get older and more responsible and the protection of me and my family takes precedence over everything else.
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