October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The New Lone Wolf

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Good morning PBN Family,

I am often given this little space of time between my waking and getting behind the keys to make a living. In this time I have to warm up my engine a bit. I gotta get the brain to do what I want. A lot of times I check the EOC, Drudge, I read emails or find myself watching something a little useless but fun. This morning I thought I would write to you the Prepper Broadcasting Network audience.

As the world turns and the news does its best to hone in on the very worst of things all around us, I am watching the effect. I am watching the effect it has on the people, their credibility, the government, and the world at large. LEERY. That is what we are all becoming. I am starting to wonder if it is not AI itself that is putting us here. Behind the scenes, plucking a couple of strings at a time and teaching us to slowly disbelieve everything that anyone has to say on any subject. Whether it’s a government agency, media or even just someone on the street.

It’s good to do your own research but when you lose trust in all levels of society, you lose a lot. No better time for an all-knowing and all-seeing technology to show up and tell everyone the “real truth” about things.

While all this is happening people from all walks of life are prepping and homesteading all over the nation. Swathes of others are simply taking the steps to get there. People wanna know how to produce their own little piece of the pie.

In our fear and frustration, I see a new lone wolf starting to form. You remember the old warnings about “Dont be a lone wolf. The lone wolf mentality doesn’t work.”

You do not have to face the challenges of prepping alone. You do not have to grow all your food or raise all your food. You do not have to become a one-person or one-family army. The truth of the matter is you can’t! We still live in a capitalist society and that means we have innovative companies and entrepreneurs who can make things work for you. Make systems and services that benefit you!

Self-reliance and independence is a joint effort and we hope to spread it like a virus. It is hardly a message to run from society and spend every waking hour of your life just trying to survive off-grid with 250 animals at your homestead.

Its in fear and frustration that we can make the biggest mistakes. Well, most Americans are in some degree of fear and frustration. Get help, buy some stuff from local purveyors, put some money in the local economy. Whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Don’t become the new Lone Wolf. Remember, you still have your life to live and enjoy. Yes, things are getting nuts out there but there are lots of resources you haven’t tapped and haven’t explored. Do your homework and stop assuming you have to grow, kill, butcher, preserve, pick, and create every aspect of your life of self-reliance.

If you can’t get help through a community then leverage the strength of capitalism.

James, IC





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