September 25, 2022


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The entity known as news!

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The entity known as news!
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The entity known as newsFor the inaugural broadcast of Behind the Lines, we will examine the entity known as news. The investigation will center upon what is news, why is it news, and why is control (or lack of control) of it so important to society.

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The definition of the term and the context of how those who communicate news to the general public will receive special attention. We will also examine how the use of (or suppression of) news directed events in the past and how this dissemination contributed or alleviated difficulties present at that time.

Moving into the present day, we will probe and dissect how the current news climate contributes to the current state of affairs. Using the ideas and concepts explored and codified earlier, we will apply the techniques used today to their earlier counterparts. Furthermore, we will probe beyond the surface, examining what the headlines are not saying, searching for what those who report the news attempt to accomplish today.

Mingled within these points will be facts, figures, and information that may be eye-opening, a cause for concern, or answer questions concerning various fads and trends. Please join us for this first broadcast of Behind the Lines – where the true story is behind the headline.

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