November 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Christmas Hook Blend is UPON US!!!!

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I know that this year has been insane but one of the ways that my family and I find balance is in the over-the-top celebration of the holidays. The Christmas Hook started as a book that I wrote in 2018 to introduce the world to the magic of Christmas in the poor row homes of Marcus Hook. You know, somehow, in our little row homes, we laughed and screamed and spent every Christmas morning playing with awesome things we got from Santa.

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My mind was filled with great memories though we had little to go around. It’s a reminder of what really matters in this life. The way the snow fell in the street lights, the quiet. The way the decorations played songs and blinked in the night were the things I enjoyed most.

Our way of sharing this experience is through the book and the coffee with the same name The Christmas Hook. Give both as one of the most unique gifts of the holiday season.

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