December 4, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Azure Highland Action Audio Drama

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At the time of this post, our boys at PPH and Dave Jones the NBC Guy are conducting a bugout and link-up operation that has been titled The Azure Highland. This operation has been and will be broadcasted live as they carry on through the night and all the way to Saturday.

We will be setting up an After Action Report and Q&A LIVE here on PBN and on YouTube late Saturday. STAY TUNED FOR MORE GREAT CONTENT!


Location: “Appalachia” outside major east coast city

Situation:  The enemy situation is disorganized. The Central State controls major city zones with the majority of the urban populations. The populace within the zones is generally compliant but panicked and near starvation. Economic breakdown continues to produce social unrest and rampant street violence. Enemy forces are superior to friendly forces. The urban quarantine zone is controlled by checkpoints along major roadways. Minor roads are patrolled but are not usually controlled by checkpoints. Biometric recognition capabilities exist at zone checkpoints. Unmanned aerial surveillance including signals intelligence and thermal imaging are overhead on an intermittent basis. Interdiction of exfiltration and infiltration of the quarantine zone is a constant enemy objective.

Mission: Link up operation with friendly forces we know via online
encrypted communications. What follows is a simulated hasty bugout. It’s
a twofold exercise. First off, it’s for real prepping purposes.
Secondarily, it’s a notional scenario and mission that could be
interesting to suburban and urban preppers, that is to link up with
friendlies they only know online.

We will attempt a covert passage of an enemy checkpoint on the boundary of
the city’s quarantine zone (traffic is controlled in both directions as
the Govt does not want people to move freely to areas where vaccination
rates are not 99%).

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