November 30, 2022


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Tax Free Holiday Preps for Disaster Preparedness

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All around the nation the first week of August is a time where many states offer a tax free holiday for preparedness items. Its a great time to stock up on preparedness items. I find it one of the better times to stock up on things that you need to regularly replace like batteries and chem lights.

Check Your States Rules

The list here in Virginia is impressive. It includes a lot of things that you would want to have on hand for any disaster. In VA this tax holiday is inspired by hurricane season and kids going back to school they run the tax exemptions in tandem. This exhaustive list does not include things like generators and larger appliances but these too are tax exempt this weekend.

Be sure to check out your state and what they are offering. Every state does things a little differently but there are great deals to be had!

VA List of Tax Exempt Items for Disaster Preparedness

If you are in a tax holiday you can buy from this list right here and now! Many items are linked here to Amazon and I check to be sure that Amazon.

· Artificial ice, blue ice, ice packs and reusable ice

· Batteries (excluding automobile or boat batteries), including

o AAA cell

o AA cell

o C cell

o D cell

o 6 volt

o 9 volt

o Cell phone batteries

· Any portable, battery-operated or self-powered light sources including

o Flashlights

o Lanterns

o Glow sticks

· Tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, plastic drop cloths, and other flexible waterproof sheeting

· Bungee cords, rope, and paracord

· Ground anchor systems or tie down kits

· Ratchet straps

· Duct tape

· Carbon monoxide detectors

· Smoke detectors

· Fire extinguishers

· Gas or diesel fuel tanks or containers

· Water storage containers

· Nonelectric food storage coolers

· Bottled water

· Nonreusable water packets

· Manual can openers

· Portable, battery-operated or self-powered radios (including self-powered radios with electrical power capability)

· Two-way radios

· Weather band radios and NOAA weather radios

· Storm shutter devices

· Cell phone chargers

First Aid Kits

Be very careful about what you buy when it comes to a first aid kit. Most quality first aid kits are going to be too expensive to take advantage of. I see some terrifying first aid kits for sale at places like Amazon. I have even seen first aid kits with cheap flashlights and paracord bracelets in them!

I like Survival First Aid brand and Refuge Medical which members have a 10% discount to.

Generators and Appliances

Here in VA, the rule is to purchase up to $2500 for things like generators and energy-efficient appliances. This is where you can take advantage of big savings. Buying that big gas or solar generator on a tax-free weekend can save you over $100 in tax money! Here are some items that I am looking at.

Some are less exciting than others but I got my eyes on them!

GENERAC 3500 Generator

DUROMAX Gas or Propane Generator

It’s good to have a generator that runs more than one type of fuel.

Jackery Solar Explorer 1000





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