The Real Face of the News Media!

The Real Face of the U.S News Media
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

NewsmediaYou come here every week in hopes to find something. Do you ever have those nights where you are surfing the net just looking for something? As though some miracle will pop from the computer screen at 8:30 on a Sunday night and change your life. Eliminate your need to get up and go to work and this miracle within the box will do just that. There was a time when we were more enraptured with the American News Media. Times of changed and though the big networks and publications are experiencing real decline know that they wont go down without a fight. Tonight we take a close look at the real face of the U.S News Media.

You come to listen to I AM Liberty each week to get another angle or perhaps just to engage another part of your brain that just doesn’t get stimulated by the big networks. Though some of them appear to be one thing they are very much something else. There is so much gray and shroud attributed with these news outlets that its hard to trust any of them.

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News Media Prepper ReconI am also going to have another podcaster on as well. Another hero of independent new and entertainment. Mark Goodwin of will be on the show to discuss his podcast and his latest book America Reset. We have had Mark on in the past and he always brings a great layer to conversation. So don’t

Tonight we quantify the American News Media. Not to dismantle them further and pick at their bones but to remind everyone how important the freedom to do what I do each week is. When things get dicey we tend to leave the news networks on. We have to remember who they are and where they stand in this world.
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