October 20, 2021


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Preppers and Patriots News Wrap Up

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Preppers and Patriots News Wrap Up
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Preppers and Patriots News Wrap UpAfter a great celebration of the nation’s birth I think we should take some time to talk. We will not drill down on a topic and instead take a walk through the news that affects both preppers and patriots. We have a look at all of the various stories in the news and in life that affect preppers and patriots. We also have a few announcements from the I AM Liberty Faithful that come to the show each week.

You see there is a story in every home. I remember as a young man I used to drive in the back seat of one rumbling car or another that my family drove. We all prayed the car would make it from point A to point B. While I was in that back seat I would look at all the cars that drove on the roads around us. I would see a story in every car. I would imagine a hard-working father in one car, A single mother in the next, an abused child in another car. We are never short of news. We live in a time where news is popularity contest now.

We break down the popularity contest and look at the news that affects preppers and patriots. I want your thoughts on these stories and I want to have a conversation tonight. A man can only listen to himself so much!

There is also much to be announced. I have my first talk on the great topic of community preparedness at the Hampton Roads SGK Prepper Show on July 16th at 1:00pm at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. Don’t miss this if you are in the area. This is what we have worked on for many years on the I AM Liberty Show. Books are on the horizon and business is good! Lets forge ahead with our communities, our preparedness and our LIBERTY!
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