May 23, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Three Ring Circus… Election!

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The Three Ring Circus… Election!
Bob Hawkins “The APN Report” Listen in player below!

The Three Ring Circus… ElectionSo the three ring Circus we call the Election has wound up & the fat lady has sung. Happy Now? Did the world end for you? Has a new day dawned? Or have we all just awoke, thinking Wow! What a Nightmare?

All of it reminds me of almost 17 years ago. 1999, and the lead up to the new century, when WE JUST KNEW the world would end January 1st. Well, in hindsight, we learned it didn’t and last Wednesday after the Election wound up, it was just another day.
What now?

The answer is simple. Keep Prepping, because tomorrow is another day to Prep for.

11-12-16-726-fairlocomotivecrash1933done-standalone-prod_affiliate-2This show, we’re going to discuss a little about the slow motion train wreck we all rode through, and in doing so, talk about how to regain our collective sanity. Easiest way is to keep our eyes on the prize… becoming as self-reliant as possible.

So we’ll touch on something that plays a huge part of that. Methods of attaining Electrical power independent of the Utility Company. What options there are, what advantages & disadvantages you can expect with some of the technology, and what realistic outcomes you can expect in striving to live “Off the Grid.”

If you’re are a big advocate for Solar, Wind, Water or Steam Power, this will be a show you’ll not want to miss. Besides, after all the votes have been counted & all the balloons have dropped & the confetti has been tossed, there’s only re-runs and NFL football on TV. Tune in to this show in player below!
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