November 30, 2022


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The rules of the game part 9 Intervention Involvement

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The rules of the game part 9 Intervention Involvement
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The rules of the game part 9 Intervention/InvolvementOn this episode of Behind the Lines rules of the game part 9 Intervention Involvement, the review of ‘Rules for Radicals’ continues. Written by Saul Alinsky, this book explores his ‘activism’ theories and practices in great detail. While last week’s episode explores implementation of various tactics, this episode examines the use of a specific course of action. This technique centers upon forging a union between finance and activism. By uniting these dissimilar entities, an extremely strong method of influence becomes visible. We examine this methodology in detail because of the power this particular device grants the activist.

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‘The Genesis of Tactic Proxy’, the title for Chapter 9, explains Mr. Alinsky’s doctrine of fiscal intervention/involvement in societal change. Emphasizing the need to exploit accidents and ‘unpredictable reactions’, Mr. Alinsky explains his reasoning regarding the development and implementation of a ‘Proxy’. His summary of events demonstrate the actual (and potential) power of this tactic. The chapter contains a blend of real examples and theoretical surmising to substantiate his conclusions.

A close examination and evaluation of this tactic becomes apparent. By analyzing the examples and illustrations provided, the success of this maneuver becomes quantifiable. Investigation of this method reveals specific resources that (when utilized) exponentially expand their leverage. Probing this ‘force multiplier’ becomes imperative as we seek clarity regarding its current and potential influence. Finally, we demonstrate the dangers inherent with ‘shareholder activism’ and explore strategies that nullify their effect.

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