June 30, 2022


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Post Election Report
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Post Election ReportIt is my estimation that we will see a tremendous amount of chaos on Wednesday November 9th. It may be isolated or it may be nationwide but it will most certainly be chaos. Like never before we have reached a level disenfranchisement within our ranks. This could cause these fractured factions to clash. I know we have III percenters who are currently locked and loaded for the outcome on Tuesday. They claim, “we wont fire the first shot but we will have our weapons.” Of course we have the ever peaceful black lives matter movement as well those watching the decision very closely

5-19-16-trump-versus-hillaryThis I AM Liberty is a vehicle to wrap up the days situation and maybe forecast for the next day. I would like to hear stories from the polling booths all over the nation. From post election antics of those who were not happy with the decision. I think its very important that we keep eyes on this thing as it will be a historical election here in America and we could see anger and frustration that could result in a powder keg. Are you prepared?

The get home bag will also be a topic of conversation. As we wade deeper into this new America I think its important that we discuss the bag we keep in our office or the bag we keep in our vehicle. We could see an increase in things like riots and maybe even terrorist events in the nation. With Hillary at the helm its simply a numbers game. With 10’s of thousands of new Syrian refugees arriving on our shores the chances for terror attacks will go up substantially.

Maybe the 9th of November happens without a flinch. Maybe being the good sheep that we are everyone just gets irate on their devices and that is enough to satisfy their rebellion. The other side to the coin is that people reach a breaking point and shots are fired, bombs are detonated and the nation gets a brief glimpse of what collapse might look like. Either way we will be here.

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