Vigilance in being prepared!

Vigilance in being prepared
James Walton “I Am Liberty

A couple of minutes of sound problems in beginning of this show but well worth the trouble for information provided.

Vigilance in being prepared islamamericaAre we surrounded by the enemy? Are we in the final hour? Are we fighting with all our might? No. We are waking up and going to work each day. We are spending time with our kids. We are up late at night writing show descriptions and worrying about what life will be in the years to come. This world around us is changing. It is important that we change. We have to look to Israel and how they live. People survive in Israel because they understand that the wolves have infiltrated the herd.

I want to talk about vigilance and preparing for an America where desperation is morphing our own people. I truly believe that the equation for mass shooting is pretty clear. There seems to be a recurring theme and it’s not SARIs or guns. The equation looks some something like this.

Desperation + Repression + Religion = fanaticism.

12-4-2015 vintage-pit-bull-2By religion I mean any idea or ideology that has taken people out of their thinking mind and turned them into soldiers for that cause whether that cause is Christianity, Islam or Animal Rights.

How do we ready ourselves for a world where death does follow in your very shadow. His sickle rattles incessantly in your ears. Tonight we talk about being prepared and being vigilant in this country that is teetering on the verge of something terrible.
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