June 24, 2021


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View Points – IRS, Tea Party, Boston, AP, Armed Revolution, Benghazi and more!

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I am liberty 125On “I Am Liberty” 5/17/2013

We are staring face to face with one of those big moments in history. This won’t go away by the end of the week so we are going to discuss them. IRS, Tea Party, Boston, AP, Armed Revolution, Benghazi. I would like to touch on a lot of these things and most importantly hear what you have to say about them.
What does all of this mean for the future? Could we see a race war if this man is brought to impeachment trials, Could we see an incredible tragedy instigated by the Admin in order to get our eyes off the ball. There are so many possibilities with these things happening. No better time to get yourself in order. Do you understand why the movement to reroot is so important? Do you see now just how quickly things can sour? Let me put it this way, the presidency is a position of incredible power and anytime man is confronted with the opportunity to gain incredible power, in most cases, they are destroyed by it.
The community is the answer. We need the press to line up against the attack on the people of this country. I don’t often go politics but tonight will be different. Why? Because if this is allowed to blow over than the next time around will be even worse. Join us tonight on I am liberty and vent your anger along with me!

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