July 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Tolerance is compliance. Social justice is collectivism. Political correctness is infringement of free speech.

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Preppers Poitin New Logo 150“The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, What if you were living in a war zone and did not KNOW it?  What if you were in mortal combat and did not yet realize it? Ladies and gentlemen, this is US.  This nation has been besieged for decades in a multiple front war for our culture, our children, our liberties, our economic success, and a host of other agendas.  The days of euphemismistc sloganeering are done. We will begin to call the war what it is.  Tolerance is compliance. Social justice is collectivism. Political government-control-danger100correctness is infringement of free speech. And the litany continues. We can rail ineffectively at how insidious they other side is or we can begin to educate ourselves and prepare to ACT.  We MUST throw out the false political spectrum paradigms that say that degrees of leftism are actually right wing.  We must reject the enemy’s rules of engagement.  We MUST go on the offensive or the alternative is unthinkable to lovers of freedom and personal responsibility. Slainte!

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