July 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

“The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, They are out to get you, folks!! Democrat or Republican, it makes NO meaningful difference anymore!!  We no longer have a relevant government; rather it is a tiered hierarchy of plutocratic and oligarchic rulers, the ruling bureaucratic class, the Useful Slavish Class, and the Serfs with a few people hiding in the interstices.  Join me this coming Monday as I show you how QE3 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the government does NOT want you to have material wealth!  We will also look at current events and discuss what bearing they may or may not have to us.  Come with me, sit down, sip the poitin, and let us talk!  Monday 9pmEST  Slainte, my friends! Go to home page for live broadcast and interactive chatroom Monday at 8:00pm/Central!

Because of illness our host was not able to air this broadcast tonight, instead we played a rebroadcast of  The Preppers Poitin Hour and a visit with the  Florida Charter Oaks militia. To listen to this informative show Go-Here!

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