June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Last Tree
Mathew Gilman “The Collapse Experiment

The Last Tree! Cecil-lion-sept-2014This week on The Collapse Experiment I will be discussing the state of collapse in the world today. Cecil the Lion will be one topic and what it represents for our place in the world. In This discussion I will cover the history of collapse and where Cecil fits in to our world. I will also cover why Ted Nugent is his own worst enemy and how sport hunting needs to go extinct before everything else does.

The Last Tree!This is no longer the world of Teddy Roosevelt with a landscape of abundance. As a hunter, I support responsible hunting for food with population control. I do not condone hunting for sport or wasting any portion of the animal that can be used. Easter Island will be discussed and what must of happened when the last tree was cut down. The question will be asked, is mankind reaching a point to change their thinking on their place in the world? Obama’s new plan for regulating carbon will be discussed and what that means for the United States position as a world leader in one topic we have always lagged behind in.

8-8-15 dark-handed-gibbon-sitting-in-tree_24696_600x450I also have other news for the fifth mass extinction that is currently happening on the planet. A study in china shows the correlation between the rise of human population and the downfall of the gibbon population. An update on my interview with Dr Alton last week has us with a report about Ebola still in African nations today.
In other news Fish are cooked alive in lakes from a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, Iran almost beats a world record for hottest temperature heat index of 165F, and a heat wave in Tokyo has Claimed 55 people so far. All of this and more on the next episode of The Collapse Experiment Podcast.
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