The horrors that can come from military rule!

8-23martial-lawWith the military taking control in Egypt. It brings real life examples of the horrors that can come to fruition under military rule. I believe ousting the Muslim Brotherhood is the best thing for Egypt but the body count is over 800!

Tonight on I Am Liberty we are going to talk about a Military coup in America. Not our military as I believe it would disband but maybe a NATO and/or other forces. What would you do? Give me 5 preps that would be essential in surviving a military takeover in this country. Would you run and survive in a remote portion of land? How would you defeat the technology of today?

I am liberty 125Appropriately we have John from the company Never Established on to talk with us about this as well. Never Established has taken some great historical emblems and redesigned them for his clothing. But I didn’t bring him on solely based on his clothing line. His mission on his website reads like this: Here at Never Established we hold a deep seated respect for America and the Constitution that made her a shining beacon of freedom and prosperity in the world. Unfortunately, our “leaders” have lost respect for both the Constitution and the people they are supposed to represent.

I think he will have a lot of great input to ad to our conversation. HUGE night! Its I Am Liberty don’t you dare miss it.
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2 thoughts on “The horrors that can come from military rule!

  1. With ALL THE SNITCHES/Spies , that are around NOW, ( Technology ALSO , what do you think will HAPPEN when Military Rule occurs ? Food/Water /Shelter, will FORCE most folks to TURN ! Then the issue of RACIAL /Religious ” Divide
    & Conquer” ( Listening to the rabid Right /Left Wing , talk show hosts in America, is fueling these divisions ! I can GUARANTEE you , those RICH Right /Left Wing talk show hosts, WILL SIDE WITH Military Rulers!) ! They are playing BOTH SIDES, like Rulers do overseas !

  2. P.S.: D.Trump also SUPPORTS homosexual & other DEVIANT sexual groups, and Transgender BATHROOM-SHOWER Access ! Please tell US , WHAT IS REAL difference between the two Candidates ?

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