August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Situational awareness, seeing the threats that surround you!

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It is not the big crowds you need fear. It is the 2, 3, or 4 young angry idiots who have been spoon fed “Hate Whitey” by the press and our government. A brick through your windshield does not require a riot.
There is nothing wrong with you if any unruly group, regardless of race, approaching you makes you nervous. You have to be an idiot yourself not to see the danger, real or not but if you are so stupid as to think, “I am PROFILING them and that is wrong.” Then you are too dumb to New Black Panthersbreathe. Be aware, be ready and DO NOT HESITATE TO ACT. Leave quickly; at the first sign of entrapment DEFEND YOURSELF viciously and hopefully have the means to dispense lethal force, nothing else will work for I guarantee you, you will be out numbered; otherwise there will be no attack on you. The “New Black Panther Party is a .gov, agent provocateur operation or they would be arrested for incitement and conspiracy. This government wants a race war, do not be a casualty.
If this makes me “Racist”, tough! How many scars do you bare from a life that has taught hard lessons? I can show you mine.
This is not a game, or something you can ignore.
Keep your kids and women home, if possible. On that note if you send your child to public school next year, well,  Darwin’s Theory was not completely wrong.
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