August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Preppers Poitin Hour visits Florida Charter Oaks militia

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This week on The Preppers Poitin Hour, I interviewed somebody that walks the walk when it comes to asserting their rights.  Although it is sometimes a controversial issue with the sound bite driven mainstream media influencing the flock and the politicians faithfully bleating to the plutocrat’s script, the militia movement is oft maligned and seldom understood by those outside of their circles.  Reminiscent of Timothy McVeigh, Waco, TX, and neo-nazis, let us learn more about these people who consider themselves patriots and may have more in common with preppers and homesteaders than you think.  We got to know Amelia Foxwell, the PR rep and recruiter for the Florida Charter Oaks militia and her training coordinator, Darren Willburn, as we learned more about their organization, movement, beliefs, and agenda.  Maybe you will be surprised at how much your sympathies are aligned or maybe you will not, either way, as always, I try to interject a little reason and critical objectivism into this mad world we are spinning around on.  Join me, Chris, on this episode of The Preppers Poitin Hour in player below! Listen to all our hosts and their archived shows. Go to Show Schedule tab at top of page!

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