January 24, 2022


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Homesteading Legal Issues & More!

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Homesteading Legal Issues & More!
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Legal IssuesJoshua’s blog caught Karen Lynn’s attention when she saw the post “Homesteading Legal Issues” at his 7 P’s Survival Blog and he brought up some issues involving gun laws, open carry of knives and more.  Joshua is a Primitive Skills and Preparedness enthusiast who in his tag line at his blog says come join me and let’s learn together!  His blog is dedicated to all things outdoors which includes buschcraft, woodcraft, wild edibles, survival, camping, primitive living, homesteading, new preparedness and survival gear, outdoor cooking, and much more!

Legal IssuesThis is definitely the show to come join them to ask Joshua your questions about homesteading legal issues, how to build a fire, can you eat a certain wild edible you have found and if he doesn’t have the answer Joshua will connect you with the right resources!   His blog is loaded with tons of great survival and primitive skills information!

6-9-15 11414698_793745614080429_2110638403_nDo you have the skills and tools you need to purify water?

Do you know which knife is the best knife to carry on your next outdoors excursion?

Can you cook a meal over a campfire?

Are you prepared for an emergency situation?

This show will be informative, engaging, and most likely you will learn something new!

6-9-15 11335712_793745554080435_805181500_oKaren Lynn can’t wait to share about her guest Joshua Shuttlesworth that is joining her this week! Joshua is a graduate of West Virginia University College of Law (Doctor of Jurisdiction Prudence) and West Virginia University College of Business (BSBAD: Marketing and BSBAd: Management). He holds a multitude of emergency response related certifications and was a staff member and Instructor for the West Virginia State Fire Academy before starting his consulting firm.

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