August 10, 2022


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Gun Control, A Woman’s Perspective!

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Gun Control, A Woman’s Perspective!
Host: Noreen “Homestead Honey Hour” on Best of Prepper Broadcasting

Gun ControlWe are all concerned about being prepared for whatever we may face. We are all concerned about the safely of our homes, families and ourselves, should the situation present itself. We want to be able to defend ourselves. We talk about a lot of situations until we are blue in the face. As a nation, we are now faced with the likelihood of having some of our constitutional rights, once again, being limited. Some feel that soon, they will be taken from us altogether.

Gun ControlWhat if you were faced with a situation in which your very existence was threatened? What if you could not defend yourself? What if, as a result of that predicament, you were faced with a future that was much different than you had planned? How would the end result of that situation effect the way you thought about being able to defend yourself and your family?

Gun ControlJoin Noreen on the next Homestead Honey Hour when she will be joined by her guest, Macey Cornell, long time listener and frequent caller to the show. Macey will share her story that touches on so many topics that range from domestic violence, gun control, sacrifice of our constitutional liberties as well as the heady topic of mental illness. It will be a seriously eye opening evening of conversation and may even be an emotional roller coaster. So, strap yourselves in and join us on Thursday evening for a show that you may not soon forget.
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