August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Dr. Katherine Albrecht joins “Off Grid Preppers” tonight to discuss privacy!

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Most of us have heroes. Mine happens to be Dr. Katherine Albrecht who is considered one of the world’s foremost privacy advocates.  If you want to know how smart phones, GPS, RFID, facial recognition, and remote fingerprint readers pose a threat to your privacy, join us on the Off Grid Preppers show on October 9 to hear the truth the main stream media will never tell you.

Katherine will be sharing in-depth research on the clear and present danger supermarket frequent shopper cards pose to our shopping privacy along with attacks against individual health-care privacy.

We will also be discussing Katherine’s work with, a private search engine portal, specifically designed to combat Google’s digital threat to Internet privacy.

Katharine heads up and, combating efforts that promote Implant insertion by educating the public to its direct correlation with Biblical prophecy that warns of the Mark of the Beast. She will also share with the listeners chilling discoveries: the implantable microchip is shown to cause cancer in lab animals and pets. Along these same lines, Katherine and others protested against unauthorized chipping of Alzheimer’s patients and got it stopped! All this was fought tirelessly by Katherine while she battled, for eighteen months, against advanced breast cancer by combining conventional and alternative therapies… successfully!
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