April 15, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Boston Marathon, Complacency, and then the Bombs, are you prepared yet?

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Boston marathonWhat happened today at the finish of the Boston Marathon while horrific I found was not really much of a surprise. What does surprise me is that something like this has not happened sooner. While the vast majority of Americans have become complacent with their trust in government to thwart another attack such as this I myself and many thousands of others I know have not.

I’m reminded of sitting in front of the television quite a few years ago and seeing the second of two jets crash into the twin towers, both of which killed thousands of Americans. It was a bit of disbelief seeing the unthinkable happening before my eyes and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. How could this happen to a nation as powerful as the United States?

Unlike many sheeple who trust in government to take control, ensuring that such an incident may not happen again I chose to prepare. I chose to do anything and everything in my power to protect not only myself and loved ones but to also inform as many of those around me as I could that would listen. Are you a prepper practicing being prepared and resilient? Rely only on yourself and those that are closest to you.

It’s not known yet who or why the attack was made only that it has happened. Americans died and many more were injured. We are not and never will be safe from actions such as these. This is reality and the times in which we live in. Taking away our rights and liberties such as what is being demanded by many who wish stronger gun control laws will never stop what happened at the Boston Marathon. It only makes it harder for average Americans to protect and defend themselves.

Would you like to curb the attacks that happen? Mr. Government would you like to slow down the threats that are forever growing for the American citizen. How ‘bout instead of holding us back start -giving us a hand forward. Ask those that are capable of defending and protesting themselves to do so, to pick up and bear arms rather than to take away a means of self-defense and self-preservation.

My best thoughts wishes go out to those that suffered today at the Boston Marathon!

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