January 29, 2022


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Propaganda in America!

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Propaganda in America!
Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box

 propagandaAs American’s sit down with their families and watch any major sit com or reality show on television there’s an overwhelming amount of propaganda in each and everyone of them you just have to know how to recognize it. Everything from climate change to the woman’s right to choose abortion, all leading to the dismantling of the traditional family and I can’t leave out the gay agenda just because of political correctness.

Propaganda in America!I’m tired of this America, don’t believe it. This is not what most of Americans want to watch. That’s why most of these main stream sit com’s or reality shows are loosing their viewers and American’s are turning to other forms of T.V entertainment, popping in a DVD, or using Netflix. It’s even showing up in Hollywood movies and they wonder why American’s aren’t going to the movies anymore. I think our actions speak for themselves. American’s are not buying this bull anymore and they don’t want to expose there kids to all this.

Propaganda in America! BorderCrossersGallonJugsWater-sAnother topic plaguing our country today is illegal immigration, we got our boarder wide open for anybody who could just make it over here because of this administration yelling to the heaven’s “amnesty to all”. Government granted rights, citizenship, free education, free heath care, free housing, no more deportations and even handing out work permits. They have to have a way to get to all those appointments, might as well give them a driver license also.

Some people would say the United States government really cares about the average person in the world but don’t believe that bull America. They don’t give a care about any of us, they are using these people as pawns in order to pass this progressive agenda in America, to secure the vote for the progressive party in the left/right paradigm. It’s a way to overwhelm the system, the Cloward-Piven strategy. Put as many people in the system as possible to collapse it. The american way of life.

When and wherever we are at, it really doesn’t matter who we are speaking to. Your spouse and loved one, co workers or neighbors, there is an overwhelming amount of distrust in our government today. Most of us feel that there is nothing that we can do and this is just the way it is. That’s the devil speaking to you. He doesn’t want you to stand up, he wants you to feel that there is nothing that you can do, and just submit. But don’t believe that America. We have so much power, and we don’t even know it. With God on our side and the knowledge of the constitution there is no power on this earth that could stand against us. We’ve abandoned everything this country stood for and we are paying the consequences today. The future has not been written and we can change the end of the story.

There is so many more issues that I could bring up, that I would say “don’t believe all you hear America” but to get the full understanding of why I feel and believe this you would have to tune in to the charlieinthebox radio show on prepperbroadcasting network every Monday, 6 to 7 o’clock p.s.t.

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