October 3, 2022


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Presidents’ Media Circus…Declaring “Religious Freedom Day” while infringing on our “Rights to Bear Arms”!

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ObamaGuns-177x100How often we hear the term knee jerk reaction today. Once again the colloquialism is alive and well in the halls of government and public hand wringers. Unfortunately, in the wake of another horrendous tragedy rather than cool heads prevailing, knee jerkers abound.

As I draft this dissertation, the President’s looming “Package of Concrete Proposals” on guns will debut sometime today. The planned spectacle aimed at the heartstrings of America using our children as pawns in a political battle is revolting and sickening.

The battle cry what can be done about gun violence misses the mark. The real question should be what can be done about the violence in America, not what tool is used to perpetrate it. This real and debilitating problem remarkably is never mentioned. We all know that the tool used whether fists, words, knives, guns, or whatever do not create or commit the deed of violence. They are merely tools used to assist in the infliction of mayhem on the chosen victim. What we should be doing is not attacking material objects and law-abiding citizens but looking diligently to find aid and cures for the desire to commit violence. The mental and emotional health of our countrymen and women is in peril and increases daily.

Today’s carefully choreographed event is nothing more than a public relations stunt to pressure Congress into taking knee jerk action the President knows he cannot perpetrate alone. This pernicious use of our children, emotions, and threat of executive action is not to be tolerated. Step out of emotion, find your cool head, and demand answers to the real culprit. I have my personal pros and cons regarding the NRA however, they hit the nail on the head with their recent quotes, “We were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the 2nd Amendment. As well as a further statement of “While claiming that no policy proposals would be ‘prejudged’ this task force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners, honest, tax-paying, hardworking Americans.”

Guns 155x100s1.reutersmedia.netListen up people that is exactly the point many are missing, these proposed restrictions are on LAWFUL FIREARMS OWNERS, honest, taxpaying, hardworking AMERICANS.

The restrictions are not aimed at the criminal or mentally incapacitated persons. It is a proven fact that the tragedies being touted were committed by troubled people who either stole or took a weapon by deception or force from a law-abiding owner and used it to commit his or her acts. The weapon does not do the crime it only enhances a result.

It is time we stopped looking at the object and to the people committing the violence. Let’s start paying attention to people and their needs. Have we become such a throwaway society that we throw away people too? It seems to be an increasing reality with tragedy resulting. Being prepared is being solution based and with solutions that are in fact solution not knee jerk reaction. Demand something is done about this trend of violence not just from your government but from yourself. Together as a United Nation, we can resolve this trend of violent behavior. It is time to stop punishing the weapon and look to avenues of identifying and treating the person.

Make no mistake today’s media (circus) event will hit its mark and it should be no surprise to see a reinstated assault weapon ban. Necessary no but probable as is the universal background check covering gun shows sales and private sales. Is this going too far? Either way it is enough, it’s the wrong direction. There are many and varied solutions and possible laws that can help with the illegal and heinous use of the tool (the firearm). Education and accountability of ownership would be one, requiring safe storage, and reporting of theft. More importantly address the real problem, the throwing away of human beings without regard. There was a book written once called Fatherless America and its resulting damage to the people of these United States. Missing fathers isn’t the whole problem but one of many; reckless disregard for each other is another. Honesty and integrity are becoming lost, as a child my father taught me don’t judge another by his words but by his actions. Demand solutions based actions that target the real issues.
Composed by Lynna of The Other Side of a Preppers Path
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