March 4, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Police tyranny in the Amerikan Police State and the economy!

1 min read

Join your host Chris on “The Preppers Poitin Hour” as he talks about police tyranny in the Amerikan Police State and then will start looking at the economy and what it may mean for you. Why is this nation allowing the government to gun us down without recourse or due process?  Are we going to kick the can down the road or just man up as a nation and take the correction that the laws of economics demand?  So come on in and join us, and bring your favorite Heinlein, Orwell, Rand, and Huxley quotes with you!!!  Slainte!

Go to Home Page for live listen and interactive chat tonight at 8:00pm/Central!

Because of TECH difficulties with our host this show was a rebroadcast. Amelia Foxwell, the PR rep and recruiter for the Florida Charter Oaks militia and her training coordinator, Darren Willburn join Chris to discuss what they’re all about. Click here to listen to this earlier show

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