Memorial Day & dark water ahead!

Memorial Day & dark water ahead!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Memorial Day & dark water aheadThere is so much to talk about. Whether it be my concerns, my crazy predictions or my feelings. Of course there are always the facts but what can we talk about on the doorstep of Memorial Day that will not be a regurgitation of something you’ve heard all week. Its important that I captivate your minds for the short period we spend together.

I would like to talk about war on the doorstep of Memorial Day. I would like to talk about energy and influence. Are you prepared for a world in which America is no longer number one and things simply won’t come as easy. Are you prepared to work for everything? Are you prepared for riots and terror across the land if government benefits go away?

It’s important to understand why we have maintained our power up until now. The very systems we used to become an elite power in the world are being built up by others and to me it seems we are being left in the dust. China and Russian along with new alliances like Iran are shaping up to become something powerful. Will we work with them or against them who knows but you must be prepared either way.
Memorial Day & dark water aheadThere will be a slew of other meanderings on the show as well. I have a lot on my mind sinkholes and food prices. A calm hurricane season predicted and even the former secretary of the treasury coming out and saying that success and education level in America is based on skin color and financial status. I think the well intentioned idiots will lead us all into some very deep and very dark water. Just be prepared to hold your breath and fight to the surface. It’s a brave new world ladies and gentlemen. Don’t miss the next episode of I am Liberty
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