December 4, 2022


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Independence Day Celebration!

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Independence Day Celebration!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Independence Day Celebration!Few holidays hold the meaning and importance of the anniversary of our Independence. Though it may be cool in some factions to pity my country and speak on how great America once was. It may be fashionable to speak America as though it were some sort of athlete who is long passed his prime. The fact of the matter is we live in the greatest nation in the known universe. A nation that has brought more to this world by way of ideas, inventions, success, freedoms and cold hard earnings and it’s important that we celebrate that.

I want to talk about unsung heroes of the revolution. As with any great war, and our revolution was the greatest war if there could be such a thing, there are those who rarely get the accolades yet were absolutely certain critical to victory. So one portion of our celebratory evening will be to talk about these individuals.

Independence Day Celebration!One of the corner colonists greatest issues was the idea of being ruled by a king who was oceans away. The idea that policy and taxes were being levied against them with out the ability to contest any of it. What if I told you that a new king is looming? Not the one we joke about within the arrogance of our current president. As important as it is that we celebrate we must also talk about the “new king” that looms in our future. The king that threatens to tax and rule a world away just like the one our forefathers fought.

It’s a night for celebration, it’s a night contemplation and of course a night for preparation. Tell the America haters to catch the first plane to Uganda, pour yesterday yourself a tall glass of bourbon and celebrate the U.S. with me, James Walton, on the I AM Liberty Show.
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