October 22, 2021


Self reliance and independence

A nation of immigrants

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Galtstrikelogo183x125Fleeing Country195x125America is a nation of immigrants.  Many of those immigrants have come to the U.S. to seek freedom and to escape persecution, tyranny, socialism and other forms of totalitarianism from their own home countries.  Will we someday find ourselves in a similar situation where we must decide if it’s time to flee the U.S. or should we stay here and fight for our freedom? And should any of us decide to flee, is there any place to go?  Are there any enclaves of freedom left anywhere in the world?  Maybe you just want to flee the clutches of high taxes and over-burdensome regulations of California and move to a freer state like Texas or Tennessee.  Listen to Galtstrike as we bring Bill Drake back on for another interview to discuss his series of books titled Cultural Dimensions of Expatriate Life. Learn what you need to know should you decide to make an escape.
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