May 7, 2021


Self reliance and independence

It’s my right! I have a right!! We have rights!!

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It’s my right!  I have a right!! We have rights!! Rights.  It is an often used word but what is a right??  What are OUR actual rights?  With the dumbing down of this nation, I suspect that, per capita, more naturalized citizens know the answers than natural born citizens.  We are going to be discussing civics.  We dove into a little Locke and came to a fresh understanding of rights and privileges and the differences between.  When you want to discuss the Constitution or government overreach, it pays to have some facts and understanding, I have found.  Also, we explore the ongoing topic that relates to a central theme of mine-FEAR.  We began looking at how fear, disinformation, and cynicism lead so many preppers and liberty lovers down the paths to mockery and irrelevance.  So join me, Chris, only on The Preppers Poitin Hour as we share a glass of cheer and philosophize and pontificate this Monday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central at Slainte! Listen to this show in player below!

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