December 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Repressive Tolerance!

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Repressive Tolerance
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Repressive ToleranceFor this broadcast of Behind the Lines, we examine the most basic construct of individuality, the freedom of self-expression. At times certain forces at work within a society, under the pretext of ‘preservation of the common good’ seek restrictions upon these rights and liberties. At various times, proponents of these measures communicate their reasoning in writing. When these writings become an ‘authority’ on the subject, their examination become paramount.

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‘Repressive Tolerance’, an essay written in 1965 by Herbert Marcuse, becomes the subject of this episode. Mr. Marcuse, a founder of the Frankfurt School, espouses his beliefs regarding freedom of expression. He builds his case for the ‘restriction’ of these rights on the basis of ‘tolerance’. Mr. Marcuse, through the use of creative language, recasts the definition of several terms such as ‘freedom’ and ‘toleration’. By modifying and changing these terms, the content of the debate shifts toward sinister ends. With these changes, Mr Marcuse seeks the absolution of the rights of specific individuals and groups.

During this episode, the contents of this essay receive commentary and analysis. The contents of this work, by application and review, will expose disturbing trends that exist at this time. With this investigation, the revelation of the aims and designs of certain ideologies come into focus. Mr. Marcuse, with this treatise, creates an environment of conflict and strife as his adherents act out his destructive principles. Also, our comprehension of recent events and the motivation for those events receive greater clarity. Finally, a recognition of this tactic gives us the tools necessary to successfully thwart their aims.

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