October 3, 2022


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Manipulation: If you can’t beat them…

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Manipulation: If you can’t beat them!

Allen Getz ” Behind The Headlines ” Audio player below!

Manipulation: If you can’t beat themFor the fifth broadcast of Behind the Lines, we will see how society is becoming primed and ready to accept its own destruction. We will begin the episode with a review that centers upon the use of manipulation for the benefit of business and politicians. After this review, we will launch into an investigation into the political origins of those using these tools to establish and impose a new political and social order.

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This examination will begin by revealing the ‘Founding Fathers’ of a repackaged philosophy wrapped in clever language. By combing through historical evidence, we will disclose the forces that work ‘at will’ in society. During this probe, we will see the day-to-day events not as a random occurrence, but as a deliberate and systematic implementation of a philosophy with a destructive design.

By revealing their ideology, we will receive an understanding of their designs. Also, we will see the success of their theories in the general public. The goal of this broadcast rests in viewing our society not by obvious symptoms – but by revealing root causes.

We will receive a history lesson – a primer on an old philosophy with a new change of clothes – all designed to manipulate John and Jane Q Public into embracing their own demise.

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